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Learn a craft and leave it and when you’re hungry, take it up again: A Greek saying

‘’After World War II, the Greeks had no money for leather shoes. One day, back in the 1950s, an English choreographer came in my sandal workshop wanting to buy sandals for her dancing troupe. So, I made a pair of Spartan sandals for her – then believed to be the original Greek sandal design; in fact, she wanted six. So, I made a few more and hung them in the window. Some American tourists happened to see them and loved them. They sold out that same day.

I have put a lot of soul, love and passion into crafting sandals. Times changed and tastes evolved though, and so do professions. Young people nowadays don’t have the passion for manual labor. Hence, it is difficult to find a successor.

Besides, the economic crisis does not allow small enterprises and producers like me to flourish. There are no new artisans, something which is a big disadvantage, since a craft might always be useful.

The older generations know this to be true, and it’s time for young people to realize it too.

Being an artisan might not get you rich. Usually, jobs that require love and care won’t make you rich. But without them, our society will be massified.

For this reason, we need to go back to our roots, to restart, to regain our lost heritage’’.

Our wealth is all the love we give;
Our wealth Is the love that we receive;
Our wealth Is indeed our peace of mind
Whenever we’re humane and kind.

A Lover of handmade quality

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