Erasmus+ CLICHE infographics

Our program consists of 4 modules:

Module 1

Baseline assessment of the current situation – identifying best methods of upskilling students and teachers;

Doing research into the local ICH field;

Inventorying ICH in a participatory wiki;

Module 2

Compiling a Blended Learning Package for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development);

Module 3

Valorization of the local heritage;

A SWOT analysis and a future-oriented vision – action plan;

Students become would-be sustainability entrepreneurs promoting innovative local ICH and delivering ‘Ted Talk’ style presentations which are video recorded and uploaded on You Tube;

Writing guidelines about how to deliver Ted Talks (Ted Talks manual);

Transmedia storytelling: Students become curators of an online gallery and ambassadors of their local ICH;

Students develop a cultural route that connects their 6 cities/countries through a shared element of ICH.

Module 4

Disseminating project outcomes;

Organizing workshops/seminars, a multiplier event promoting the project outcomes.