Corn dollies are a form of straw work made as part of harvest customs before mechanization. Made as a harvest or farming past-time rather than a trade. 


Students in Kaidaniai school in a corn dolly workshop.



#WhereIsErasmusClicheToday Weaving traditions in Lithuania

The Lithuanian mascot for Erasmus+ CLICHE

The white stork (Ciconia ciconia) is recognized as the national bird of Lithuania. The friendship of storks and humans is very old. There has been a spiritual connection between the stork and the man since ancient times, a mutual attraction. An owner of every homestead tries to preserve this friendship, because it is not only a decoration of the homestead, but also a symbol of family harmony and loyalty. These birds are loyal human companions. There is a close connection between a human and a stork, the sign of which is an old carriage wheel or a harrow loaded into a tree or on the roof.

In ancient times, the white stork was the Saint patron of Lithuanian tribes, taking care of people’s well-being, protecting them from disasters, and protecting their homes from fire and thunder. Our ancestors even considered it as a sacred bird of gods, the image of which was kept in the temples, and the statues were carved and kept in churches.
Birds return day I spring is often coincided with the Stork Day, which has been celebrated by the Lithuanian people since ancient times. The return of the stork, March 25, is called the Stork or Bloveshch.
The stylized stork of student Austėja Miglė Jėckaitė carries good news around the world about the #CLICHE project. Stork shoes are wooden. They are called clogs in Lithuania (the Dutch call them very similarly – “klompens”). A very important cultural heritage is Klumpakojis – Lithuanian folk dance, danced with clogs, performed by mixed couples. The hat is made of wool in the old way, preserving the heritage. The backpack is full of information about heritage and its preservation. 

February 16 is the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania.
March 11 is the Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence.
A stork is carrying a message around the world about Lithuania.
Artwork by Austėja Miglė Jėckaitė

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