What does our Erasmus+ CLICHE mean to you?

The overall goal of the Erasmus+ CLICHE program is to raise students’ awareness of European history, European values and collective memory and to strengthen their sense of European identity.

Europe’s intangible cultural heritage (ICH) is at the heart of European citizens’ identity and, in addition, plays an important economic role as millions of jobs in Europe are directly and indirectly linked to it.


The specific objectives of the program are:

1. to encourage students to discover in an experiential way the ICH of their area and to record it in a digital form,

2. to present ideas of modern management and competitive utilization of ICH through start-ups & apps, in the form of TedTalk student conferences,

3. to promote transmedia storytelling that showcases their local ICH on social media, and, finally,

4. to create a thematic cultural journey/route that connects the countries of the program and highlights regional cultural diversity in the context of a common European history and heritage (i.e. The roads of craftsmen and artisans)


More specifically, the program aspires to:

a. produce original digital material such as,

–A wiki inventory with the results of the research on local ICH of the six partner countries, 

–Blended lesson plans around the topic ‘Education for Sustainable Development’  shocased in a blog,

–Business ideas for start-ups and apps in Ted Talk style video presentations, 

–An online Ted Talk manual, 

–Transmedia stories and  

–A unique cultural route


b. cultivate 21st century skills, entrepreneurial skills and develop students’ soft skills such as critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, public speaking, creativity and innovation through experiential learning,

c. develop social and cultural awareness