Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Erasmus+ CLICHE students’ conference in Cyprus was held online by the Acropolis Lyceum. 

From 29-31 of March more than 100 guests attended and took part in the conference: keynote speakers from Greece, Slovenia and Lithuania, teachers and students of the program, as well as, experts in entreprenership and intangible cultural heritage from all the partner countries cooperated harmoniously and succesfully. 

You can see the poster, invitations, program and videos of the conference below. 

The Erasmus+ CLICHE program coordinated by the 1st Lyceum
of Livadia holds a 3-day online conference on March 29-31,
2021. The central hospitality will be provided by the Acropolis
High School of Cyprus, using the Microsoft Teams platform.
The conference includes:

- keynote speakers from Greece, Slovenia, Lithuania

- workshops with experts in intangible cultural heritage 
and entrepreneurship from Estonia and Cyprus - TedTalk presentations, with the business ideas of the students
of the 7 schools of the program, inspired by the local
intangible cultural heritage of their places.
- digital tour of the Acropolis Lyceum and Nicosia

-videos, music, and more.

For the conference program and more information 
about the Erasmus+ CLICHE programme visit our social media:

1st Day

2nd Day

3rd Day




The Erasmus+ CLICHE multiplier event was held in Levadia, Greece, on the last day of our final meeting in Greece.

50 teachers from schools in the area of Viotia attended the event.

2 Keynote speakers, one from Cyprus and one from Greece, presented topics about intangible cultural heritage and its valorization.

Coordinators from the program’s partner schools presented the work done by the schools throughout the lifespan of the program.

Students from the 2 Greek schools talked about the impact of the program on their knowledge, experience and skills.

3 workshops by ICH artisans were held after the presentations.

3 stalls by Greek ICH bearers, artisans and craftsmen of living heritage exhibited local products and crafts.

You can see the poster, invitations, program and videos of the conference below. 

Form of participants

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